Saturday, October 20, 2012

Samir El Eskandarany The Spy And The Singer

The sole reason I know of Samir El Eskandarany is because I read a news item about Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Hamaki wanting to remake one of his older songs. Even though his name suggests he is from the great city of Alexandria, he was born in Cairo. This is not just your average singer, he is also a painter.

He studied art in college and then went to Italy for more education in this subject where he also worked in the Italian section of the radio services. He does have the Italian look and smile. He has dozens of popular songs that are well memorized in the collective history of Egypt.

He is also well know in Egypt for being a double agent, supposedly the Israelis wanted him to work for them, but he has told the Egyptian intelligence who have used him to trap other spies and collaborators.   

قولوا لحبيبي لسمير الإسكندراني

يا رب بلدي و حبايبي - سمير الاسكندراني


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