Friday, October 26, 2012

Layal Abboud 2012 Epic Comeback ليال عبود - يا أنا يا أنا

As far as pop music is concerned Layal Abboud is doing a lot of things right, the changing look,  the revealing clothes and the simple and happy lyrics. This southern Lebanese songstress has been in the pop rin since 2001 as music networks have exploded with good looking young ladies seeking fame, glory and some cash. Among them Lyal stands tall.

Lyala knows the Lebanese singing style heart to heart....she has masted the three singing styles of Lebanon "Debke, Mijana and 'Ataba" And her music videos have also shown her playful side. Her songs can bring people to the dance floor the moment she sings.  

Layla has a Masters degree in English literature, translation and art. She has released two albums and a third on the way. However, she makes singles and films music videos to be out there. But Layal is doing her part at home with volunteering for her country's army Public Relations and concerts for which they have awarded her with praises and awards.

I like the mixture of themes, old cars, vintage look and the old west. There are certainly more than a fair share of dazzling outfits, bright colors and dances. If you want new looks and over the top makeup, then watch this dance inducing music video. Good cinematography and art direction, good song and a happy beat. Will this be the song that brings Layal to the big league?  

Layal Abboud - Ya Ana Ya Ana / ليال عبود - يا أنا يا أنا


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