Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Tunisian Farah Bin Rajab, A Media Darling

Farah Bin Rajab, the Arab TV personality darling is a hit in TV, she has worked on a half dozen of Network. Not only does she present, but she also works on themes for the network. Her opinions are often heard. Farah is well known for being a favorite among men, that's why she speaks she does not intend to give men a hard time.

I never knew she is Tunisian, I grew up watching her shows. She speaks Arabic, but a mix of Lebanese and Tunisian. It's cute. DMTV network is one of her homes, as this network is dedicated for men viewers. Really? Men should go find jobs, not watch TV and drink tea all day.

Can anyone tell my why is she a huge deal? Not hating, just trying to get an education.

فرح بن رجب لا أتعمد مشاكسة الرجل في برنامجي الجديد


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