Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Savior Of Egyptian Music Is Also In High School

Meet Carmen Soliman, she just finished high school. But before she had her diploma, she has become a sensation in Arabic music scene. A title winner of Arab Idol's first season. She owned the airwaves for about four months, then went into hiding studying for her high school exams. Her dad cares about her and does not let this music business get into her head. Her mom is always along her side performing with her if necessary.

But this young lady has done wonders with her covers of the hardest and most popular Arabic songs. It's like she is some kind of transformer, her voices fits all sizes. He takes on a persona and nails it with her felisvle vocal chords. Carmen has the love of folks, young and old as she seems very lovable and she showers her parents with love.

What I still cannot understand is her complex emotional maturity. She sounds very deep when she performs. She seems to have grown in a house that appreciates music and that shows. You cannot learn such sobering emotional energy in high school, you are not old enough to comprehend them. Carmen has nothing to worry about.

She did covers for singers ranging form Fayrouz to Amal Maher. She does a mean representation of Oum Kalthoum songs. She has also sang in Hindi as well. She rarely performs with music, her voice is the show. Carmen is many things to a lot of people, she offers hope in what yet to come form Egypt. I fail to see someone with her skill in the Syrian/Lebanese side of things. Though Shahad Bermada holds her own ground.

مش همنعك كارمن سليمان/CarmenSoliman Mesh.Hmn3k

كارمن تغني سالوني الناس لفيروز

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