Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Godless Turkish Pianist Fazil Is In Hot Water

Twitter is a place where many good things can happen. It's also a place where people have said crazy stuff that they wish to take back. Turkish pianist Fazil Say is not taking anything back when he shared on Twitter an offensive tweet "I do not know if you know this, all the bastards, lowlifes, crocks, thieves and clowns are religious" While we can see how some religious people might be so, it does not help to categorize people in this way.

The Pianist was concerned over the Islamization of Turkey as it seems the Islamist parties have a strong hold in the country--to their credit they also have done a lot of the booming Turkish economy.  Fazil is now being taken to court under the Turkish constitution close 216. Most likely the piniest will stand in front of a judge in Istanbul.

Fazil has jokes too as in one of his tweets, he says "If I was given a choice between heaven and hell, I will go to whichever one that has alcohol." Fazil seems to hate religions and that's not a crime in Turkey  Insulting others for what they chose to worship is.

Fazil wants to turn this into being picked on because he is atheist. "I am probably the first person to be persecuted because of my atheism."



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