Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Legendary Ladies Of Arabic Music, Shareefa Fadel

Shareefa Fadel is a diva from the 50s. This Egyptian songstress had an interesting upbringing. Her father was a well known Koran reader/reciter. She grew up singing religious songs before she joined a theater institute. She starred a number of movies in sixties, but in the seventies she lost a song in the war where she sang "The Mother of The Hero أم البطل" During the October war.

She had many hits and many of her songs have been  a staple of the Arabic music library. She produced to herself at one point and founded a Casino in the celebrated night life Al-Haram street. One of her most known songs is Harit Al Saqeen. She has been called Sultana o Tarab. Her fans and those who know her music can never miss her true emotions that she injects in her songs. She flirts too, but without being impolite.

Shareefa Fadel was among the first Egyptian performers to visit the new Kuwait and perform there. I have been hearing her song without knowing it was hers, I have heard the more recent version by now retired Rabih El Kholy who did an impressive cover of the song below.

شريفة فاضل - لما راح الصبر منو