Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pictures: Some Die, Some Party Like A Lebanese

The bomb went off few weeks ago, and it seems nothing going to stop the party in Beirut. why should they stop? Partying stimulate the economy, mourning does not. Look at these nice, young and good looking Lebanese party goers having the time of their lives, sipping champagne.

The above pictures were taken form a party with media personality Joe Maalouf who opens a new night club "Bouroiz" Joe was not alone, tons of his celebrity friends and entertainers turned out to party with him as the city mourns the death. I am sure the party goers want us to thank them for having a party and telling the world that Beirut is alive and well.

Guess what Beirut will always be a live and well, not because of parties and drinking, but we thank hard work and creativity.

The second set of pictures from another celebration for the first anniversary for an upscale restaurant Table 7, the brainchild of media personality Wissam Baridy and his brother Essam. Politicians, singers and actors were present to celebrate Table 7.