Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lebanese Concerts Overseas And Debka Dance

No one is more passionate about dance and music as much those Lebanese. They know how to party--they also work hard. They go out for a good party, they fly singers all the way from home to be with them in Canada, Australia, Senegal, Venezuela or wherever they might have landed.

Lebanese are the perfect balanced folks, they are a very good representation of open minded Arabs who are passionate, hard workers and like to have themselves a good time surrounded by families and loved one. It's a regular news item when I read in one of those Lebanese blogs and music news sites, this singer or that songsters is flying to Canada for a concert organized by the Lebanese community.

Singers from home bring the latest songs and the coolest debke move all the way to the new world. There are many B list singers in Lebanon who fly overseas for concerts, the A list ones might ask too much and expect certain requirements to be met. The A list singers often go to the Gulf where there are thousand of Lebanese and other Arabs who like to attend their concerts.

The B list ones have done music videos, booked a number of concerts at home, and have a cool personality.    For 5 thousand dollars and an airplane ticket, you can get them to come and entertain your party drama free. And yes they will be good and you can talk about it and make your cousins jealous. I have seen a number of those concerts in California, Michigan, New Jersey and Atlantic City.

So there you have it, the good people of Lebanon do not care what you say, they dress they way they want, they make the best food and you have yourself a party. They are loud, proud and sweaty.

نقولا الأسطا البادي أظلم Nicolas El Osta ..


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