Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ehab Tawfik Allegedly Threatens Bodily Harm To A Store Owner

Egyptian 90s pop star is not having a good year, and this story if true indicates that he has finally hit rock bottom.  A local Cairo fashion store owner reported to the police that Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfik has threatened him and sated that he will harm that individual.

Ahmed Abdallah Said, a store owner in Al Agooza bosh Cairo pocket claims the star has purchased clothes form his store. Then the pop star attempted to return the clothes and get a refund. The store owner declined, an argument broke out which allegedly caused Ehab to lose his cool.

The incident is being investigated. The story has been reported in Al-Ahram, a reputable newspaper.

If this story is true, once again we find out that stars are just like us, they get pissed off if they are unable to return merchandise the you longer care for. This is a bad news for both the store owner--who will lose some of his more affluent customers out of fear. And it's bad for the star as it shows him as a erratic and violent individual.

Ehab had a concert in Virginia here few weeks ago, maybe he should have hit the mall in Georgetown while he was in town.

Ehab Tawfik - Tetraga Fia / إيهاب توفيق - تترجى فيا