Wednesday, October 10, 2012

سامى يوسف - تبعوه لما عرفوا Video: Sami Yusuf "It's A Game"

Muslims Rocker Sami Yusef is back with force and I am so happy to see him walk into the spotlight again with a song worthy of this talented musician. This time he is back with a song about the prophet and the film they made about him. Sami is a very sober voice among many Muslims.

His comeback song is animated this time, and offers plenty of martial for the young an old. Sami is looking cool even in cartoonish look. It seems he has found his zen to challenge his vocals one more time and produce such a lovely song in at least three languages. In under two hours, the song has already packed so many views online.

His advise, let them say what they's a game. The artist finally crafted a song that will reboot his career and bring him back to his earlier successes. This time he is teaching Muslims to be cool under pressure without sounding patronizing. Anger is not a strategy....

سامى يوسف - تبعوه لما عرفوا Sami Yusuf - It's a Game