Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VIDEOS: Elissa's Boobs Greatest Hits

Pop quiz!

I dare you to look up any clip for the Lebanese Diva Elissa where her boobs are not either featured or have a prominent role. Go ahead start hitting that YouTube machine. I know you might think I am pervert now, but I assure you I am not. But who am I kidding?

The singer known of her romantic and mellow style that is packed with emotions, feelings and what's not. She is the Arab world queen of her own style and no one challenges her on her turf...she has the backing and the love of Rotana, a powerhouse production company. She has been rocking it since the late 90s and she only seems to be getting younger.

Even Elissa never denies that her earlier music videos leave little to the imagination, but it worked...she is now a household name and a beauty queen for many. As a fan of Elissa's, I came to love her music, but hate her personality. She is distant and at times she seems to be an angry person who enjoys revenge of anyone that has done her wrong or has not shown respect. (Just ask Star Academy graduate Rahma and Egyptian pop candy Sandy)

She does have a great voice for soft and sweet songs, no one denies that, but her concerts as she has been known for a weak live voice, she compensates for that by bring her sidekicks, her cleavage. None of the dudes are complain about her voice and they all line up for a sneak peak. Again Elissa is a great artist in her style of singing, we covered many of her hits here on this blog, but she might want to one it down a bit with the in your face boob thing. Cheer up Elissa's boobs are coming to a concert near you.

If you think this is a guy think picking on a female singer, you are wrong, we have picked on other male singers who do too far like Joe Ashkar.

Here is the Elissa's breasts Greatest Hits

Elissa Concert In Stars On Board - Betmoun

elissa jarash festival 2004


Elissa Baddi Doub اليسا - بدي دوب
Elissa sexy boobs in a show

Melody Interviews Elissa - Part 2 / ميلودى تحاور إليسا - الجزء الثانى

Talk of the Town - Elissa 3


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