Monday, October 3, 2011

Here Comes Classy Amel Bouchoucheh

Not only is she is an acclaimed actress, she has also been a singer for some time, I know the last song of hers was for home country Algeria during the World Cup 2010 when Algeria was playing.

2011 is here already and Amel (Amal) is back with a new music video with Spanish flavor, you get the flamenco dancer too. This is a classy music video that plays it safe with paying homage to Spain and the Arab/Muslim influence.

I like this music video becasue Amel is really good doing the part and her voice with the choice of song fits the music video. She doesn't do bit media blitz, and she is proud of her home and happy to stay there as appose to moving to a place like Egypt or Beirut to peruse her career and it seemed the Algerian fans have rewarded her for that.

NEW 2011/ امل بوشوشة - ضرب جنون Amel Bouchoucheh 2011


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