Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maya Diab Bringing Sexy Back (And Back Again)

Maya Diab is really in it to win it. The multi-talented Lebanese singer, TV host and celebrity is reviving her career and give the other divas a good run for the money. While Maya has yet to release an album, she seems no sings of slowing down. She is making a music video for a new single. She hired Said Al Marouk, to helm the picture.

Last time, I checked she was running around town with a life size tattoo all over her body when she was promoting a line of makeup. She also has a fashion line and purses for the ladies to buy. She flies to Dubai often where she releases most of her for purchase goods. But in Beirut she is bold, as she often wears little to those events...I say good for her.

Prior to 2010, Maya was just a nice girl who hosts a TV show, in two short years, she launched one of the most impressive careers with a duet alongside Ramy Ayach. After that she was everywhere doing songs and what's not. Remember she also was in Turkey with the Lebanese director as eh took his last breath after being electrocuted on set.

This is how she describes herself
Entertainer, actress, music artist, film and TV personality, fashion icon, entrepreneur and humanitarian Maya Diab has been called one of the most powerful and celebrated celebrities in entertainment throughout the Middle East. 
She also calls herself a powerful role model for women in the Middle East for her strength, defining feminine glamour and dignity. Expect soon in the Lebanese cinemas Maya Diab's video clip "Shaklak Ma Btaaref" directed by Said El Marouk. Lebanese Media are anticipating this video clip, which according to them will be a big success. It might be a surprising music video, but nobody has seen it yet. It was mean to launch on 10/10/2012, but so far is has not seen the light of day. One thing she has that most fear, some killer legs.

RamyAyach & Maya Diab - Sawa / رامى عياش و مايا دياب - سوا