Friday, February 11, 2011

Street Parties in Egypt Go On All Night

It did not take the people of Egypt more than five minutes to bring out the cheers and fire up the parties across cities and towns in Egypt. Watch this street account of all sorts of people in Egypt celebrating the departure of the now former dictator. Your country now is truly Om Al Donia, it's the center of the universe all over again.

There has not been a bigger party in Egypt for the past 30 years, this is the kind of natural sense of relief the citizens of Egypt have as they breath freedom and sense the change is coming. Thank you Egyptians for making the world believe in the power of the masses and the power of justice. The rest of the world will truly be looking upon you now.

I know that the people of Egypt partied all night and it must feel good now, but I am sure they also realize that in the morning they all have to go back to work as a nation to bring their A game and bring their country back on track.

Egyptians Party All Night Celebrating Mubarak Departure

فرحة الجماهير برحيل مبارك


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