Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tamer Hosny Sucks (I Still Hate Tamer Hosny)

Throughout his career, Tamer wrote many good songs, many of those songs are about how much loves his country Egypt. But in reality he does not love his country...he dodged the draft and forged official documents to try to get out of serving in the army. The dude told us he loved Egypt, but not enough to serve in its armed forces. Needless to say he was busted and served some time in Jail.

Then he got out of jail and staged a comeback with his fans who welcomed him with open arms as if he just liberated the city of Jerusalem. But he did not quit he released more songs expressing his love to Egypt and its people. Like he never learned his lesson, many cannot get over his attempt to dodge the draft, but he still gets air time to talk about his love to Egypt.

More recently during the demonstrations in Egypt he went into hiding, then went to the Netherlands for a concert while young men of his age stood in defiance of the status quo. But he is Tamer Hosny he does not care. When we thought he would be smart enough to keep on being quite about his political stands. He came out on TV and made a phone call asking those young men to step down and go home.

In his call to the TV network he said something rather strange, speaking to the protesters "You have been quite for 30 years, now you people do this?", in other word, he does not see himself as one of the people. Excuse me Tamer, but not many of those young men and women own mansions like yours. Why would he wants to change that system, it works for him.

Watch this music video where Tamer and his group of worshipers wave the Egyptian flag and preach to us about the love of you can love your country by partying it up. I loved the speech in the middle where Tamer thinks he is some kind of leader and salutes the police force, the same group that is now been acused of killing scores of civilian Egyptians.

In light of his recent stand this music video is laughable, ridiculous and just a waste of time and Youtube space. Ibn Al Balad is not Tamer Hosny, he is the son of the dollar and power. I am sure Tamer will be the first to release a new song for the new president once this one takes a hike.

كليب تامر حسنى ابن البلد 2011 Tamer Hosny


  1. It depends on an individual's choice
    if you dont like it,, dont listen ,but if one likes
    then they dont want any opinion from any critics or you or anyone
    he was better best and graceful before
    and now he is mature golden popular from before
    everytime he is with something different
    iam not an arab ,iam a fan from the corner of world, I started listening him when i was 15,ITS Been 7yrs
    and i say he is really a correct choice when it comes to an arabic music
    Tamer Hosny is a King and Nancy ajram is a Queen in this Era*
    stop criticising him,he is not some God

  2. look tamer hosny is not a devil just cuz he chose to not go to the army... many young man nowadays try to get out of the army also... and how do u know that he isnt loyal to egypt... hes just like any other egyptian who loves there country.. its not like hes singing these songs just to show off like hey i love my country. and dont critize him cuz he prolly sings better than u...

    1. He z getting into army or getting out of army . Wht difrnc does it make? We love him caz he sings superb. Seeing him wd flag i feel dt he z real patriot n he z! Im nt arab , someone from south asia. I strtd listening him n fell in lv wd his voice n compositions. No one on ds earth can sing like him.there will b many young men in ur country who have left or planni g to leave army. Wud u hate them all? If yes then keep hating tamer!!