Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is How A Jackass Sounds Like

Shaban Abel Rahim (Sha'aban Abel Raheem), the Egyptian one hit wonder made famous by his song "I hate Israel and I love Hosny Mubarak" What do you expect from a singer who was denied membership in the musicians union and has no musical training. He is the punch line of every joke about everything wrong about Egypt. He has not done anything worth mentioning does a decade now. He does not quite know what he wants, but he seems to be wanting everything and nothing. He is for and against, he is for change, but not really.

where to begin with the false accusations and silly allegations, I am going to sort them out

  1. He is calling out El Baradie, and blaming him for the demonstration.
  2. He equates Egypt with Iraq, they are very different.
  3. The world wants Egypt to fail, this is so untrue. No one has interest in seeing Egypt fail.
  4. First he blames the protesters for the violence and the thuggish activities.
  5. He attacks Aljazzera and has unkind words for them as if they are an Israeli news network
  6. The political parties are to blame, when in face none of them matters with the protesters.
  7. He calls on the protesters to go home and not harm Egypt becasue there are spies and news network.
So next time Shaban has something to say, he needs to check with his mental care professional as he seems to be living in an alternative universe. Even thought he is a working man and lives int eh streets, he has no idea what the revolution is about. He seems to want the status quo like so many others who have learned to cope with mediocracy. Shaaban needs not to forget that most people protesting the regime are people who come from all walks of life, but mostly poor people. Something he doe snot have an idea about no more.
شعبان عبد الرحيم - 25 ميدان التحرير


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