Sunday, October 14, 2012

Talal Madah, The Legendary Saudi Singer Who Made Music Mainstream

Talal Madah is an iconic singer in the Gulf and in some Arab countries. The late composer singer had many hits in his career. He made really good music that can rival the best of Egypt on his era. His music sounds like those you expect to hear for Abdel Halim songs.

The one song of his that separates real singers from clowns is Maqadeer, which most people in the Gulf use to test real singers from posers. Talal had many titled throughout his tenure, "The Golden Throat" is one, The "Harp of The East" He has caught the attention of legendary composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab who befriended him.  Talal helped shape Arabic music in the Gulf during the 60s, 70s and the 80s.

He worked on a number of poems and turned them into hit songs. Most singers in Gulf would cite him as an inspiration to them from Mohamed Abdu, Eitab, Arwa, Abady el Johor to Nabil Shoeel and dozens of other celebrated singers. His warmth and his understanding of music allowed him to develop so many songs and most of all earn the love of his listeners. He has been given so many awards from Saudi Arabia to Tunisia.    

He had to struggle with religious people who wanted to ban him and his music, but he won them over. He would go on to develop the Saudi music school. He would sing till his last breath and dies on stage from heart complications. A 100 thousands fans would attend his funeral.

 طلال مداح - مقادير