Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aly Hussain From Aswan to the World

Aswan's favorite son Aly Hussain is a new comer to the game, and by any account he is not an A list yet. His music, his style and his choices promise a lot and in his first album that came last year he gave us a colorful journey of Egypt the landscape and the people. Aly comes form a land that has been often neglected my the elite, but has been able to enrich the Egyptian music with original and native elements, none of that generic pop.

Aly is a bit late in his latest single for Egypt, he is joining a cast of Egyptian singers who are now singing for Egypt in a freer Egypt where diversity is welcome and disagreement is all possible. Aly shows some real footage from the heart of the some protests in Egypt perhaps in smaller towns with smaller crowds unlike Tahrir Square huge turnout.

For the first time, Arab singers in Egypt feel the urge and the courage to express what's on their mind without having to suffer. I enjoyed the homage to the fallen men and women of the Egyptian revolution. This is another attempt by someone with an original voice to express the pulse of the streets in yet another unique way

أصرخ بأة على حسينAly Hussain For Egypt Demonstration


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