Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt was Also Great Before Mubarak

Amal Maher, the voice worthy of legends, the voice that thinks you are hearing a live concert in the 60 when the oldies were and are still goldies. A true star with an incredible voice that brings friends and foes around the radio to enjoy a taste of art they do not make anymore.

Egypt is not just its president, politicians and business people. It's the people who do not change, it's the culture that is deeply rooted in history. So when everything goes, Egypt will always be the land of history and history makers. Now that's why I specially like the song for Amal Maher, it's about the land, the history, and the Nile. I enjoyed the landscape featured in the music video and also the hairstyle of the singer, it's very Egyptians.

Maser is the title of the song, Arabic for Egypt, I am glad that she has not joined the line of brown nosing singers who praise politicians and leaders. Amal is working on a new album to be released this year, she has not releases one in about four years. But this song of hers comes in handy in light of the Egyptians demonstrations to bring about change and justice to all. No one can tell Egyptians what to do, they already have changed the rules of the game for everyone and anyone.

Amal Maher Maser


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