Monday, February 14, 2011

Black Theama Parties @ Tahrir Square

Few months ago, Black Theama, the Egyptian band won our attentions in this article (Black Theama Provokes Sweet Memories), the band that offers an alternative to Egyptian pop music has not stopped enriching the Egyptian music scene with their Nubian style and rhythms that sit well with the untrained eye and the sophisticated one alike.

It would not be a stretch to argue that Black Theama Zahma was the most accurate song about living in Egypt under the Mubarak rule. It stated what they saw was wrong with the country and in a bold manner, this was a song that makes you feel bad for Egypt. Titled Zahma, Arabic for crowded. Robbing the dream of the young people, corruption, frustration, rigged elections, drugs and alcohol abuse, crumbling schools and poverty all around. I do not think the band realized how crucial their song was, it touched all that was wrong in Egypt and told it as a conversation between two lovers.

This is a mature song, a realist self reflection in the Mubarak Egypt where the rich did well and the poor got poorer. The images Black Theama offer here are rare and heart breaking, maybe this is why this indie band had almost never appeared on the State sponsored TV. In fact more of those songs need to be brought to life as they inspire to do something. And not wiating for miracles like the song offers.

So it came to no one's surprise when the band threw a concert in Tahrir Square to celebrate the protesters and the new dawn of Egypt. Here is the footage from the concert and the songs this band that keeps it real has performed.
Black Theama - Sheraton - Tahrir Square 02/12/2011

Black Theama - Magnoun - Tahrir Square 02/12/2011

Black Theama - Zahma - Tahrir Square 02/12/2011


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