Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here is Some Farah For You

Farah just gave us a good song, this song of hers can be enjoyed by everyone and I mean even those who do not usually listen to Arabic music. that's becasue the melody of the song is fresh and can stand alone with no need to understand the lyrics. In the first five seconds of the song, I already had a positive opinion of this track.

Farah comes form Lebanon where many great voices hail from. I am reminded of Julia Butrus and her best work when I hear Farah brings is all together in her Menak Ma'ey, "You are not Following", it's a very classical song with a sweet flow that only a confident star can bring to life.

The music video serves the song well, it tells the story of the struggle between couples when the communication is lost and both parties feel they are not putting their best effort to make this relationship works. I think it took a real artist with a sense of respect to film this music video and give to the song not take form it. They storyboard pains a picture perfect story that is hard to come by.

Of course Farah is new to the game, but I think she should feel awesome as this song promises a lot of greatness. Keep in mind that Farah was discovered by her own father who learns his daughters love for Tarab style singing. Her family and classmates are used to her delivering classical Arabic oldies in various occasions.

فرح - فيديو كليب منك معي | Menak Ma'ey video clip by Farah



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