Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mohamed Khairy, Cannot Get Any Dreamier

Mohamed Khairy released his debut album few months ago, and it was pretty good. I must say as a guy I found music that speaks to me, but most of all the music is general. I think it was written for a girl listener on mind. Since the majority of the songs were romantic, and the production value was decent. the album flew.

However, there are anger bossy man songs that were still cute. Jealousy and whole 9 years. Like the music video for Ba'tassab Aleeky.

Here's a new single from Khairy, it does deliver from a guy who sounds like he has been turned into damaged good.
Mohamed Khairy / 3iny Fe 3enek - محمد خيرى / عينى فى عنيك


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