Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Very Serious Song By One Egyptian Slacker لعب عيال ..محمد النحاس

I am neither brotherhood or elite
I am not a scarf wearing lefty
I am not some secular liberal 
I am not a front and not kidding around

I have no position to worry about, not chasing after a chair, I do not care/not care for Morsi I am whose death is a game that keeps you a live. I am the one who gets head by tear gas as he walks in funeral.

Those are a portion of a new single by an up and coming common man who is not professional singer. He is a guy who speaks truth out of frustration and disappointment in all . His name is Mohammad Al Nahhas and he is your average non partisan Egyptian with a non speaking role.

لعب عيال ..محمد النحاس


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