Friday, September 13, 2013

Video: Egyptian Entertainer Bosy: General Sisi Is Better Than Prophet Mohammad فضيحة الفنانة بوسى السيسى افضل من سيدنا محمد

In yet another sign that Egyptian nationalist and patriotism is going the wrong direction, one B list singer cum actress called on a popular TV program and had this to say in Arabic, "اللي بيقول إن الرسول أشرف خلق الله... أكيد ما شفش السيسي" - I do not know what point she was making, but whatever it was this show how blind her support is, and how little does she know about the world.

Which translates to, "whoever says Prophet Mohammad is the most noble among God's creation, certainly has not met General Sisi yet" This is a new low people even for those who love the general and his politics. Keep on mind, the songstress starred in a song supporting the army and attacked the other political parties. I think these Egyptians now deserve to be governed by a ruthless regime.

Bosy is well-known among her fans of trying to look cool with her interesting choice of outfits and contact lenses. But those comments certainly help no one and they insult even the man  she is trying to confess her admiration to. Bosy is denying those words--they are on video Bosy and the internet is forever. She is blaming Aljazeera for the video--have no idea why she would do such a thing.

فضيحة الفنانة بوسى السيسى افضل من سيدنا محمد


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