Sunday, September 29, 2013

Like A Sufi Rock Star With Iyad Haimour

Subscribers to the Sufi ways are the perfect zen master in Islam, they know how to relax and worship  not just pray. They seem to have developed superior mind powers that draws them closer to God. They have also done wonders for the world of Islamic music.

Among their favorite musical instruments, are your basic, the flute and the hand drum or "Daf". They have few enemies and their subscribers have done wonders to advance Arabic poetry, writing and music. They have a secret window that enables them to see things most people miss. This is something one can develop and harness, but it takes time like all good things in life.

Not to forget, their famed dancers that are well known around the world and often serve as a tourist attraction in places like Egypt, Turkey as well as other places. In places like India and Pakistan, Sufi music has found a safe haven where it has developed and branched out. Sufi artists are at peace with themselves, so they are able to look beyond the self and be united with that which they love the most--God!

Iyad Haimour, Naï soufi, إياد حيمور٬ ناي صوفي


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