Wednesday, September 18, 2013

@eli_beik Of #Lebanon Release The Dancey "eyes on me"

Sep. 18. 2013. it is with a big pleasure that I share with you the release of this new brand new track, "Eyes on me". The song is a dance mix, that has oriental beats flowing through it. Wriiten by Eli, and arranged by Dj Megayel, it features the vocals of the angelic "Sally Harby"  Eli has been curious about experimenting- I follow all his passions. no matter what. Music has been a passion of mine since an early age. So here he is making his own music... those who like it.. can enjoy.. those who don't can simply bash it... he is still enjoying his life and craft...

The song was delayed the release of the track because of the sad events in Lebanon due to the car bombs, however, the artist decided that any way of bringing more fun and adding a smile or even a bit of distraction is welcomed sometimes, to pull one out of tragic events... therefore, and after 3 months of delay, "Eyes on me" the follow up to his 1st song, "Arguileh" is now out.... I hope you enjoy it like I do.... Best wishes.

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