Sunday, September 22, 2013

WATCH: Kid From #Syria Bewitched Arabs Got Talent تجارب الأداء -نائل الطرابلسي

I have mixed feeling about the boy wonder on Arab Got Talents, the young Syrian musician Nael Tarablsi. In one hand, he is a gifted piano-player who has the musical knowledge to be able to tell which note and melody are being played without looking. He passed the test, not only did he play vibrant music, but he added a little musical challenge.

The shameful part lays in the fact grownups are using him to express their failures. He is being used as a tool to talk about the war in Iraq. He talked about losing his piano in the war and such, which can be true, but I think it's a cheap shot. To add to the injury, many Syrian celebrities are now using him on Twitter to become more famous and relevant. MBC, is also getting the word out about him with his own hash tag #تحدي_نائل  Challenge Nael.....

We should all focus on his art and his talent, he is bless his heart a smart kid who has the intelligence and charisma many stars dream of. I love how confident he is, and how funny he comes across, he talks like an old man, but his music is something that will take him far, and he might be the strong contender on the show. I hope he will find his piano, as he said Keyboards are limited, unlike his talent that seems to be limitless. 

I do not think, he should be counted from one side of another, he is a Syrian and that's what matters, he is not a political party. He is a credit to that nation, using him for politics is shameful and will backfire.

Arabs Got Talent - تجارب الأداء -نائل الطرابلسي


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