Sunday, September 29, 2013

WATCH: Singer Ramy Sabry Goes To The Gym تحضيرات لتصويربرتاح ووانا معاه 2013-رامى صبرى

Celebrities are just like us, they head the gym when they want to look good for a special occasion. Sure some of them are rich enough to have their own gym and personal trainers, but Ramy Sabry still likes to work out surrounded by other folks.

He released one of my favorite summer albums of summer 2013, now comes the time for him to make a music video, and the hit-maker has to look good for the upcoming song. Not too many male stars share their time at the gym, so his song sounds upbeat enough that you would think he is doing a song about a boxer getting ready to hit the gym.

He is a gifted singer and musicians, now he shares with us his exercise. He drinks a lot of water, and does a mix of cardio and free weights. I can never seem to do the ropes, he seems to do very well. This song is about enjoying life and not worrying too much, I like this song this is why it's the title song. I hope we can get a music video that brings the song to life.

Ramy Sabry تحضيرات لتصويربرتاح ووانا معاه 2013-رامى صبرى


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