Thursday, September 19, 2013

Listen: Salah Zadjali, The Helpless Omani Romantic أعيشك - صلاح الزدجالي

Salah Zadjali is one of the finest musicians in the Gulf song has met in the latter days. He is an Omani composer, with a sweet and delicate voice that can channel the most minute sentiment. He has the look and the hair that make the career of a rate A entertainer.

And I consider one of those fans he claims around the world. He is the guy who works with singles, he drops one every six months and takes radios by storm, the internet loves him, but as for marketing perhaps he can do better. As for his music, he has his own studio and label which gives him great freedom to get creative without having to deal with deadlines.

I love his latest single, a romantic song about a guy who is stuck in a relationship where he loves that person, but feels that feeling is not reciprocated. The music is so smooth and makes you feel you are staring into the ocean and thinking the purest and saddest thoughts. The song reads as a neatly crafted love letter that feels like a poem written form the heart of heart.

أعيشك - صلاح الزدجالي H


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