Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Awakening Records - Faith Inspired Music That Mame Money

I like people who make profit while doing something good. Among those companies is the London based music label Awakening Records that has grow to be a powerhouse in Muslim/Faith and positive engagement music. They have a global audience as their top earners -the five biggest names on their ticket are doing well by doing good.

Their artists are Arabs, and non-Arabs alike who sing in more than one Language  Arabic, English  Hindi, Urdu, Turkish as well as other languages.

Among their brightest stars is Maher Zain, the best selling and most charismatic artist,, Mesut Kurtis is huge in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and only getting bigger in Arabia. Then comes Irfan Makki one of the new voices to join the label famous for his smooth R&B. Then the all Egyptian composer and rock star Hamza Namira who is putting some passion and good citizenship. And the fun guitarist and pop star most up to date Raef.

This is a good group whose last appearance locked thousands of fans who are as faithful as ever.

Awakening Records - Faith Inspired Music | 2013 Edition


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