Monday, September 16, 2013

WATCH: اغنية مى كساب جد و دوغرى من فيلم "شمال يا دنيا"May Ksab Gadd w Doghry song from Shmal Ya Donia film

Mai Kassab is looking like someone who has had a great year so far. An album, couple of singles, now a movie and a song from that movie. She is doing a girlie song meant to silence men and women who like to pick on ladies. The song is about honor and dignity...but the song is set inside a bar's dance floor...note the Jack Daniel.

This are popular songs as this style of music is about parties, nothing fresh in the music, but as lyrics it's all new and it fits well with the kind of persona Mai has been known for. The song is about a good girl who found herself inside this party place. I do not wear short dresses, and do not hang out with dudes. Whoever wants me, has to pay my dowry as he has to marry her. Call me old-fashioned!

اغنية مى كساب - جد ودوغرى | جامدة | من فيلم شمال يا دنيا


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