Monday, September 30, 2013

The Charming Freedom According to @MaherZain By @AwakeningRec

Everyone loves themselves some freedom, but then when one tires to define freedom, we do not have consensus. So, here's a song about freedom by the super successful and talented Maher Zain, whose Islamic themed songs have carried him into new lands. Freedom does unite people, but whose freedom? Watch the life footage from one of his concerts, and the images from around the Arab world--Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and then some.

I like the lights in the background, and the footage used, it does build up the mood of the song. this song feels 2011 though. We are sick of the details, we love the principle, but the aftermath is a nightmare.  We had hope then, now this Arab Spring thing has lost some of its fans. However, Sudan is finally joining the protest movement, so we might be witnessing another regime change. See, in theory no one will come out and tell you, "I am against freedom" even dictators won't admit it. As a concept we will agree but in practice, we differ. 

This song is visually pleasing, and comes with a simplistic good message. This message has vocals only, no music, this is done in part to please the orthodox Muslims. Anyhow, this is a charming track.

Maher Zain - Freedom (Vocals Only Version) - Official Music Video | ماهر زين - الحرية


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