Thursday, September 26, 2013

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What does seasoned and beloved Egyptian rapper Zap Tharwat believes in? I am not sure anymore? Has ever taken a stand that lives up to the lessons and advise his songs disseminate? Not even once, he tells young people to dream big, live their live to the fullest, and then he goes into hiding when people rally around him? I really though he was different that those hypocritical mainstream artists, now I realize he is nothing but a really great self-promoter.

Seriously, where did he go during the coup? Has he made it known where he stands? Do not think so, as an activist he fails, and as a singer he was missing. Not sure why, when we know he has an entire studio dedicated for his songs he would not have a problem releasing new songs. Sure, he can say, I am only a singer....and that's fine, but he should stop telling people how to live their lives when he caves in and shies away from politics.

People had dreams in Egypt, what did they get? Nothing the army confiscated those dreams and murdered dozens of dreams--murdered them to free them. Zap, I no longer believe in you, I will enjoy your music, but I won't buy any message you sell. It's a shame that you had nothing to say about the murdered at home, but feel moved to defend the victims around the world.

Likewise, the indie artists of Egypt have all gone into hiding--seriously,y where is that freedom and revolution they talk about? Such artists stood by the people when it was easy and when it got real, they all ran for cover and left the young ones who so very much loved their music and believed their message to die in the streets. Zap Thrawat did a lot of message-centered that appealed to the young (liberal and conservative), he talked about women rights, drugs, and such. He is all about message, but these things are easy conversations, no one hates you for them. The moment you take a stand say and stand next to the little guy, you take a risk. Such risk will make or break your legacy.  

See his latest song "Dream..." the Egyptian realistic title should be Nightmare....

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