Thursday, September 26, 2013

Download: Shady Elbanan new album By Kmusic sooon 2013 البوم شادى البنان - الموضوع مفاجأة

Shady Elbanan is out with his debut album, and he wants you to be excited, and so is the K Music label. Not a good time to release any new work in today's Egypt, but for new artists, the risk is minimal, and the cost is low.

This is an average pop album, with mixed songs from a guy whose identity has yet to be refined. I do not loath the album, and I think it's a better start for a young talent, Shady seems to have worked with some great names, his voice needs something to set it apart from the hundreds of other young singers who can do the exact same song. Flavor is what's lacking as for the songs they all sound alike after some time.

I like the variety, but when the same variety is replicated in the different album, it feels tired....couple of dance songs, with slow mo dance romance and few dramatic's essentially the same formula followed in Egyptian pop albums for any new or established name. Tough market, but a welcome album by the fans, and the people who are just starting to develop a musical sense.

Promo shady elbanan new album By Kmusic sooon 2013 شادى البنان

01.Be'edt Annak
04.Rabena Yekhaleky Leya
05.Haftekro Leih
06.El Mawdoo' Mofag'a
07.Sotek Wahashny
08.Ehna Lessa Feha
09.Ebn Embareh

اغنيه ابن انبارح من البوم شادى البنان (الموضوع مفاجأه )


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