Thursday, September 5, 2013

WATCH: In Short Mini Skirt Myriam Fares Live ميريام فارس تفتح مهرجانات نابيه #Lebanon

When you go to a concert by the Lebanese pop star and beauty, you know you won't be able to blink because you want to stare. You won't be able to chill or just talk to people around you, because when you are watching Myriam Fares, you know she will do her dance, she will draw you in with three things, your famous hit songs, her outfit and her dance moves.

She is big on the showmanship, she does not care, and breaks in sexy dance and drives the boys and the ladies wild.  She is aware of what people think of her, yet she has no problem with it, she is truly one of those energizer bunnies. She is all about the beat, and the techno, and note how bodyguard who accompany her at all time.

Is she sexy? most people would agree with that, and no smarter pop diva than Myriam who knows how to self-promote and to make money. This is her latest appearance in a Lebanese music festival where she kicked it off....

ميريام فارس تفتح مهرجانات نابيه


  1. She has amazing beauty, talent, strong voice, great music videos, unique fashion style. I like her, and you can tell that she really studied music and dance. She is a perfectionist on stage. I would love to see her in concert.