Saturday, September 21, 2013

Do Gooder Of #Lebanon Want You To Donate Assi's Pitch

Do-Gooder Assi El Hallani is about to find out the hard way that people do not really care about celebrities promoting good causes. He is hardly the first celebrity to promote a cause, but he feels like a million dollar wearing that outfit and talking to us about giving. They will never shy away form self-promotion.

Those are an earnest but often naïve persons (typically educated) who wants reform through philanthropic or egalitarian means. e.g. wealth redistribution, social justice, welfare, third world immigration, adoption of "disadvantaged" children (usually in the suburbs , and spending other peoples' money for good causes. They genuinely want human development & positive environmental awareness, although the methods are a source of debate.

He was recently appointed by an arm of the United Nations to help raise money in Lebanon to feed people in need. My question, how much do those people who have signed you up to join UNICEF make? If you can answer that, I will be the first to give to your cause.

Live Lebanon's TV Commercial with Assi El Hallani


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