Monday, September 9, 2013

WATCH: Saber El Rebai checkmate song حصرياً *كش ملك* جديد صابر الرباعي

Here is an idea if you are Tunisia superstar Saber El Rebai, go to Beirut with your wife and film a music video starring you both. Not sure how his current wife feels about this needless collaboration. A song about playing love as a game, a chess game. The song is titled Checkmate. Ikhlas is her name and she agreed to star with her new hubby.

It's one of his better songs, while the song is that vague Gulf Arabic, the music is meant to draw such listens. The title of the song is about past love and those who do not love you or treat you right. And yes, there is a giant chess game board, and so much tension and conflict.

According to one report, the artist was reluctant to star along his wife, but based on recommendations of many of his friends, he went along, he is quoted to have also said, he won't be doing that again. Not sure how Ikhlas feels about being dragged into all this.    

حصرياً *كش ملك* جديد صابر الرباعي


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