Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Listen: #Saudi Rashed Al Majed Space Song 2013 راشد الماجد الفضا

Rashid Al Majid is a beloved entertainer whose name is bigger than the Gulf region where he is an A list singer and personality. He is also part owner of major music production company and a local one too. Blues are hard to come by in the Gulf--they go to Iraq for these.

Since money does not seem to be an object, they got little problems over there, the one thing they cannot control is love. Cannot buy love, this is why love tales are epic in that part of the world. Rashid Al Majid found a bluesy song where his woes are on display. I love the line, the only one who played with her hair is the breeze, has not been kissed but for her mother, and more examples of the virgin love they obsessed with

I like how they music is alive and gets one's feet chasing to a space where one can dance, even though the song might not be appealing to everyone. I say this and I know the target market for this song is the Gulf, they will cheer this song and welcome it. The song is about going as far as Mars to find her--and the title of the song is about Space..this is a love story in the era of science fiction.

راشد الماجد الفضا 2013


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