Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: Egyptian Singers Skip Army-Organized Propaganda Operetta اوبريت تسلم الايادي - اهداء للقوات المسلحه

According to a number of online sources, the song organized by the army and their friends in the music industry has faced some trouble. It seems that two of the biggest names on the bill, the two voices who were supposed to sing alongside their friends have jumped ship. Legendary Hany Shaker pulled out in the last minute and won't appear on this massive production operetta that;s meant to sing praises to the army and they many victims they have left behind. "Tislam Al Ayady" is that song that has been making the rounds, and wa sput together by former music boss and producer Mostafa Kamel.

Another big name walked back and won't appear on this song, Mohammad Fuad won't sing with these guys. Hany pulled out because he would have been the biggest name on the song, and as a star with pan-Arab support he did not want to insult some who may disagree with him. The song is titled Blessed the hands....a praise for the army's work when they murdered hundreds of civilians around Egypt who were protesting the coup against president Morsi. Mohammad Fuad did not explain his move.

Menawhile Hisham Abbas who appeared in the sing is proud to have taken part of this song at this critical time. Abbas seems to be happy the army killed the "terrorists" who want to sell Egypt for cheap. Note, with the exception of Hamada Hilal, the stars who have sang in this song have either failed in their respective careers, or have little education or commercial success.

اوبريت تسلم الايادي - اهداء للقوات المسلحه


  1. If you don't care for the politics behind it, fine, but please don't undermine your own credibility with unsupportable accusations. Ehab Tawfik may be on the short side of his career now, but he hardly qualifies as someone who has "little education or commercial success."