Friday, September 27, 2013

Awakening Records Releases "The Best Of Islamic Music" Album, Forgets The Women

Awakening Record has put forth a new mix album for artists working under their music label  The Best of album, takes the presumptuous title "The Best Of Islamic Music", while some Muslims may think twice on the two words mushed together "Islamic", and "Music", most of those who buy albums won't have to worry about that, they are hungry to hear something different.

They will get something out of this world, something that will please them musically, and heal their souls lyrically.  There is a certain poetic value for old world wisdom, and now for the first time this wisdom has been packed on an easy to buy CD.

No surprise there, the company's biggest ticket star Maher Zain has three songs out of 16 tracks. Hamza Namira, the Egyptian musician singer Raef with a guitar and pop tunes both have one track. The original Muslim music rock star Sami Yusus is no longer working under that Awakening Records label, but his most beloved song is included. But most of all, I am excited to hear all the new voices being featured on the album..New comers are always a bittersweet deal. I am seeing at least five names that I hear of for the first time.  

One thing, are women not supposed to sing? I do not see any leading female voices. Sami Yusuf did use and sang along female vocalists.....but I understand that not might be popular with some people on the margin. Nevertheless, it;s only right to let women sing--if singing is a way or worship, we know women are worthy too. Just a friendly reminder that might make the project much better. I know females buy albums too, and they too need a role model--there is almost nothing they have not done.

Some of those songs are produced in Arab and Muslim countries, the rest are recorded in London studios and around Europe. I like the selection of different songs, each come with a different vibe and a different audience. Some like heavier music, others like to focus on words, they can be attractive even if we do not understand them.

Track list

01. Abdulrahman Mohammed - Law Kana Bainana
02. Maher Zain - Ohibbuka Rabbee
03. Raihan - Solatuwassalam
04. Irfan Makki - Waiting For The Call
05. Mesut Kurtis - Al-Burdah
06. Zain Bhika - Mountains Of Makkah
07. Sami Yusuf - Al-Muallim
08. Inteam - Dia Muhammad
09. Humood Al-Khudher - Keep Me True
10. Nazeel Azami - Rahmanur Rahim
11. Mohmammad Al-Haddad - Malak Ghair
12. Hamza Robertson - He Is One
13. Rabbani - Ahmad Ya Habibi
14. Raef - Jumu'ah
15. Maher Zain - Ya Nabi Salam Alayka
16. Hamza Namira - Sehr El-Dunya

Raihan - Solatuwassalam

Nazeel Azami - Rahmanur Rahim (Higher Quality)
Humood Alkhudher - Keep Me True حمود الخضر - يحلو الوصال


  1. "Mountains of Makkah" is by Zain Bhika. not Maher Zain.