Friday, September 13, 2013

WATCH: #Egypt Song From #Lebanon Michaella - Ashet Masr / ميكايلا - عاشت مصر #Propaganda

There was a time in Lebanon when all the new comers in the music industry wanted to break into the Egyptian market and that was true up to the 2003, then the power seems to have shifted in favor of Lebanon. Nevertheless, Egypt is a huge market and getting work there is important because, you are talking about 80 million folks whose money the entire world would like to grab.

Now during these tough times, Egypt gets a new song by a blondie from Lebanon who wish them well, and her name is Michaella. She seems to like Egypt and wants to break into the market as well. I do not like the special dedication for the Egyptian intelligence, it kisses their asses, and forgets about the people. We are back to square one, the people get screwed and we suck to those who are telling us to keep us safe--from them.

The song has some patriotic theme. This is a shit propaganda song and Michaella's voice is pretty weak, but sweet and pleasant. This is unfortunate song for Michaella who is being used for bigger purposes than she can analyse. This is an army song for the first rate.....shit man! There's a big difference between respecting the army, and another when one sees nothing wrong with their actions. And guess what, the son g have a French bit, to make sure those who speak that language get the message. It's a sad day when they army invited an non-Egyptian singer to sing them praises....but if that non Egyptian had some criticism, they would give him/her the middle finger.

Michaella - Ashet Masr / ميكايلا - عاشت مصر


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