Thursday, September 5, 2013

LISTEN: Dubai's Hottest Musician فايز السعيد - علمني السهر 2013

Fayez Al Said is the sort of Renascence man who calls Dubai home. The hot record producer, and singer is perhaps the world's busiest entertainers whose music studio has seen more actions that most. His 2013 album was dropped thirty days ago, and the music video came along. He also released a giant production song for Prophet Mohammad Operetta.

And now comes a new playful song meant for romance. The song goes by the title, "She/He Induces My Sleepless Nights", In Arabic it;s much much shorter. But an average song with the poetry triumphs the contemporary beat. I find myself a fan of Fayez Al Said produced songs, but the ones he makes fro himself are 50/50. Still his work makes Khaliji music fun.

فايز السعيد - علمني السهر 2013


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