Sunday, September 22, 2013

Listen: Rouwaida Attieh #Iraq New Tear-Jerking Single عليمن يا دمع جديد رويدا عطية

Rouwaida attieh remains one of the most young and authentic voices from Syria. She has that voice that can rock the mountains, and wake up the those who have been asleep. She can also be sweet and sad, she has the vocal flexibility of an Olympian.

This time, she is not singing in Egyptian, Lebanese or Syrian, she went for the Iraqi dialect. The Iraqi dialect is hot again, and it means a lot for Rouwaida to make such a choice. It might be due to the active concert markets in some part of Iraq.

It's a song you would play in a funeral, it's an epic tragedy. If you get too much into it, you will break in tears, and tears are good in cleansing those dark hearts. Thanks to Dia Al Mayaly who wrote the lyrcis, and Adel El Iraqi wrote the music.

عليمن يا دمع جديد رويدا عطية


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