Tuesday, September 24, 2013

حبيبة امها-صباح The best Mother Daughter Love Song

The golden Lebanese entertainer Sabah will live on. If not in the flesh, her legacy will be something that outlive the legend of this super talented and spunky actress songstress. Among the countless cute lady oriented love songs she has recorded and released, I have come across a song of hers that I did not think I knew.

The song of hers, is where she is singing to her girl and wishing her bundle of joy to grow and become a grown women, she declares to the masses that she loves her baby girl. It's a mother love song that beats any other song in even other languages. Keep on mind Sabah has a little girl of her own, the only person who trusly knows her mom, the person and not the legend.

She will grow up and go to the school, and do well three, I see her growing in front of my eyes, to become an engineer. Not only is this a song about mother love, but it also shatters a stereotype about women and engineering. I must be extra happy to have dug this song...

Most time such songs celebrate boys, not girls, but 50 years ago Sabah had the clarity of making such an emotional song about platonic love. Watch Shadia who had done songs for her little boy

.حبيبة امها للمطربة اللبنانية الدلوعة لصباح