Friday, September 27, 2013

If You Ever Get Dumped, Listen To This Song! Naji Osta 3ataki 3omro ناجي الاسطى عطاكي عمرو

God Bless his heart, this Naji guy makes really good music, and he really does not have to. Why? He is good looking, he has a good voice, and he glows confidence. Him being able to release good songs is the icing on the cake.

In this song, he is setting in dark room reflecting on his broken heart "You, the one who took from my life more than you deserve", "I spent my time, imagined you are the one for me. " I love the production or how the music is arranged. This is a good song where the lyrics and the lines by the artist take center stage. The song is about someone walking away, and the other stuck picking up the pieces.

So, here it comes if you ever find yourself abandoned or heart broken, divorced of dumped, play this song, it will help the healing process and it won't be easy.

Naji Osta 3ataki 3omro ناجي الاسطى عطاكي عمرو


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