Friday, September 27, 2013

WATCH: رحمه رياض - كليب الله كريم / Rahma Riadh _ Alla Kareem

She is a full Iraqi, the daughter of a musician beloved by Iraqis and she breaths Iraq. She is Raham Riad and she wants you to listen to Iraqi pop. Here's her latest song, which she filmed in Beirut. She is an authentic Iraqi songstress. This is a song she is releasing in the Gulf dialect to maintain the foothold she has already established in the bigger and richer Gulf market. However, the music has elements form the city of Basra. Her last public concerts was in the Qatari city of Doha, right before that was was in northern Iraq and in Baghadad.

Fopr a young starlet who shot to fame after appearing on the Star Academy, she has done very well, and keep on mind Iraq is going through hell right now and most Arabic countries are not much better off. You can say in the short three years Rahma has been in the spotlight, she has been on the air for two years of them. I may not like this song, but I enjoy her high sense of style and fashion. The fusion takes Iraqi "Hiwa" melody and blends it with "Khabty" from the Gulf

Do not forget, Rahma has an active fan based who are very involved with their young diva. There are many talented singers in Iraqi but when it comes to pop songs and female voices, Iraq compared to Lebanon is has a lot of catching up to do. Yes, there are Iraqi ladies who rock, but none of them is known outside Iraq--with one exception. Rahma is a great help in this department, her character is so fluid that she can wear whichever hat she want so. She can rule in romance like her debut song did, she can do parties songs like her Iraqi single, and now she is taking on the Gulf challenge.

Rahma promised her first album will be released in time, as she has recorded most of the albums, the number is nine to ten songs.

كليب رحمه رياض الله كريم


  1. Can you clarify what "Hiwa" and "Khabty" are? I searched the archive, but it doesn't look like you have used those terms before.