Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WATCH: @SamiYusuf - All I Need Is Beautifully Human Song

Sami Yusuf is the kind of talent who knows no boundaries, yet has never left the ones he did not feel like he had to cross. But when it came to music, he seems open to all cultures, styles and genres. The smiley face London based Muslim-centered artist keeps making good music that not only appeals to non-Muslims, but also provokes the listener to lead by example.

He did sing for Islam and Muslims figures in the past, but he has already sang for love, the greater love. The kind that needs no religion. This is all clear in his latest human feeling music video about the little things that can make all the difference, what could have been a fight, would be a kind encounter if for some love. There are plenty of examples in his music. But one thing is obvious, joy is meant to be shared with others. I like this message. I like this Sami Yusuf he is not limiting himself to Muslim themes, he is reaching beyond to that common ground. His songs do not preach, instead they inspire.

As for the music, I love the Indian flavors and sitar, we get to see a cool looking sitar player rocking the clip. This song can be different things to different people, I cannot find one thing about that that I do not like, and I do love a full moon. Sami Yusuf shows that he is a well-rounded entertainer with a gigantic heart. He makes good music and invites in people form all walks of life. He collaborates with many talents, but he also knows what his fans like the most and he gives to them what they ask for and then some. Ten years ago he was a big name, and a pioneer who made tasteful music found intriguing by many around the world. Today he is still able to replicate that and add to it.

Sami Yusuf - All I Need


  1. yes,that s why we love him and hiz songs :)