Saturday, September 28, 2013

This Turkish Singer Stole This Egyptian Song--He Didn't Pay

The Egyptian song came five years before the Turkish one, now we see a newly released song by one super smooth Turkish singer Deha. Troulbe is that the music and style sounds a lot like the song by Hossam Habib whose song was composed by Tamer Aly, the Egyptian musician.

This is nothing new, most of the time this happens, someones settles and agrees to pay some money. But the hardest part is to get caught and now Tamer is talking about a lawsuit to secure his rights. It seems according to one source, Deha reached out to the company Melody Records and offered to pay, but it seems the money was not attractive, so Melody did not sign over the rights.

The song came out, and naturally the company and the talent is upset. If I am Deha, I would argue this song was leaked, and I did not authorize its release. Aside from that, both the original song and the Turkish version seem to address the same romantic issue, love.

The kicker is that Tamer Aly has already given at least four different songs for two Turkish singer including the mighty Mustafa Sandal 

Deha - Teşekkürler (2013)

Hossam Habib - Nesseit El Nass / حسام حبيب - نسيت الناس


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