Sunday, September 29, 2013

WATCH: @SamiraSaid 2013 | MAZAL TEASER | سميرة سعيد ٢٠١٣ | اعلان مازال

When the biggest Arab diva wants to make a comeback, (this is real one trust me), she went home. Moroccan diva Samira Said has not released a decent or perhaps any song since 2003. This year she has a Moroccan song and the world will meeting this song. As for now we have a teaser and it sounds fresh and Samira sounds at her finest. Thanks to her will, talent and the work of one young Moroccan talent  Mohsen Tizaf (From Al Fanayer Band)

I know I use the term diva a lot, but when I use it for Samira Said, she embodies the term and meets all clauses. While artists like Amr Diab make a new album every 18 months or so, Samira does not make them often enough, yet she is still famous, beloved and booked. As for the new song Mazal, we know the photo shoot for the song promo took 13 hours and there was an Egyptian photographer, a Tunisian makeup artist, and a Lebanese hairdresser.

Her Facebook now says this:
After months of preparation, deliberation and auditing .. As Usual #TheDiva #SamiraSaid is not satisfied unless its beauty through perfection.. So it was a long absence, and as usual a result worth the wait. ?How do you imagine The Diva come back this time  
This is a comeback we all have been waiting for, and I know her fans in the Arab World, and especially Morocco are cannot wait to hear the full track. The teaser is already the talk of town, imagine how much the full song will be talked about?

When you think about Samira, consider this, my older siblings, myself and our younger siblings know her work and enjoy it to the max. So, she got no worries about the age demographics. Moroccan songs are exotic to many Arabs, so she will win that race.

Team Samira has done all the right steps to make sure her comeback is something millions are looking forward to.

WATCH:  SAMIRA SAID 2013 | MAZAL TEASER | سميرة سعيد ٢٠١٣ | اعلان مازال


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