Friday, September 6, 2013

#Egypt, When Patriotism Is A Marketing Strategy

Few days ago, a little young Egyptian singer releasing a patriotic song for the homeland, the net picked it up and had a filed day with it. In an instant the young obscure vocalists has the name recognition pop stars can only fantasy about.

I loved the song (it's below) and thought it was heartfelt and telling about the young artists character. But then before I even make a big deal out of it, that young artist is out when a new album, a romantic dance album, that has nothing to do with Egypt.

Like if a week ago, he was sad and heart broken over Egypt, and few days later he is all back in business to falling in love with the ladies. The promo for the album lands while Egypt, the same country he prays for is still in pain. The artist might have little to do with the release of his romance pop album, it's the fault of the label, they are the ones who make such decisions.

Naturally, patriotism has always been used as a marketing strategy by few, look no further than American country music and the American flag. Like after 9/11, all those stars--even pop stars wrapped themselves in an American flag as they partied. But those are really tough times in Egypt, blood has been spilled by the gallon.

Ragaby New Album Promo / برومو ألبوم رجبى

Ragaby - Ya Masr / رجبي - يا مصر


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